Our Food Details

Our mission is to provide positive customer experience through our creative food service which is presented with style, elegance and yet functional.

Why Lets Do Lunched?

Here on this page you can find out a little bit more about the mouthwatering delights that Lets do lunched has to offer.

Please note that Lets do lunched accepts no responsibility for excess salivation during the reading of this page!

Food Allergies and Intolerances

Please email or speak to a member of staff about the ingredients in your meal when making your order. Thank you.

  • Highest quality ingredients, seasonal and locally sourced
  • Tasty and healthy lunches, freshly prepared
  • Handmade nibbles and freshly baked cakes
  • Comprehensive menu choice, including specialist diets
  • Simple sandwiches to luxury antipasti platters
  • ReliableReliable and timely delivery in refrigerated vehicles
  • CaringEnvironmentally aware - we reduce, reuse, recycle & respect
  • QualityAttractive china or stainless steel platters
  • BespokeBespoke catering to suit all requirements
  • QuickQuick Ordering: Online is fast, easy and reliable
  • ProfessionalHigh quality, professional catering company